what would a 1985 jim beam train decanter unopened be worth?

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Answered: I have 35 Jim Beam corvette decanters. Wondering worth. Each of the

My guess is that they are worth a great deal. Don't sell them until you do some real research through some dealers. (reputable of course)

Answered: Why is chalk in the box with Jim Beam?

It might be a marketing ploy.

Answered: I want to sell a full, sealed whiskey decanter figure. Where or who can

You should be aware of the fact that it is almost certainly illegal for you to sell a bottle of whiskey. See http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/StateAndLocalLaws/index.html

Answered: Potty training

A child will basically potty train themselves, with a bit of encouragement, when he is physiologically ready.

Answered: Technical training in oil & gas

You want to technical training in oil and gas. I will sure after you visit http://www.way2college.com/ you will never about this topic
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What are the numbers on the bottom of my jim beam bottle

Don't worry about it, the numbers on the bottom of the bottle wont do a dam thing for you. It's whats inside the bottle that counts. Drink up.