what world is thiswhat kingdom what shores of what world?

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Answered: Can we live in sin and still do kingdom works?

No. You cannot embrace sin and expect to please God no matter what else you do.

Answered: What Would You Do If You Were The Jersey Shore Cast In Italy?

Never had any interest in the Show, there are enough "Characters" right here on the Forum... Sweet G 5/17/11

Answered: Who will be the world leader? The New World Order

I can see a few problems with the proposed "one world order." It would be unaccountable, there would be no checks or balances to maintain the fair treatment of the people, and it would be so corrupt that no one would get anything done. Human frailty being what it is, the idea is truly frightening ...

Answered: Off Shoring

Don't need help now. I already finished it myself. Thanks anyway.
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A 'Jersey Shore' Book?

I have never seen the show, nor have I read any of their other work. However, if what I have seen on Yedda about this bunch is any indicator, I think I'd just as soon not buy the book. There are many other books to read, that are not as burdensome and boring as this bunch. Apparently they must ...

Is Jersey Shore too violent?

This show should be canceled because it's stupid and all the characters do is drink and fight.

Shorex@rccl.com I am trying to sign up for shore ...

I want to know about the tour lv20 for $99.00, will you be able to go inside to see it and how much is the entry fee.

The Jersey Shore is coming back!

No. I was born and raised at the Jersey Shore and i still live here. These Benny's are not from NJ nor do they represent normal life at the Jersey Shore. They are disrespectful of themsleves and others, obnoxious and violent. They are the reason why we locals call them Benny's and can't wait for ...