what will take pine sap off of brick pavers?

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Answered: Brick paver question?

I would suggest Unilock Ohio paver patio contractor

Answered: Can commerical trucks drive on a driveway made of 2 3/8 inch concrete

This all depends on the base below the pavers. These are 6cm pavers and I normally wouldn't recommend driving heavy equipment on anything less than 8cm (3" thick) pavers. However, if your base is 12" thick or more and it was compacted properly in 2-3" lifts using a heavy duty plate compactor (not ...

Answered: How do I protect my pine floors from chair marks

I think you should be able to get coasters to put the chair legs on. They have carpet on the bottoms so they don't damage the floors.

Answered: Defective Bricks?

Thank you, I had no ideal what to do, Rose

Answered: How do i clean my pavers can i use clorox

I wouldn't recommend using clorox. I use clorox to kill weeds in the joints of pavers, but you have to be careful. Spray the clorox on and remove it within 30min. The product you need depends on what you are trying to clean off the pavers. You can check www.techniseal.com for paver cleaning ...
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1) the sand should be over the top of the paver. you will remove the excess later 2)no. pack the sand and seal it or not 3)sorry. you'll have to do a web search for this one or call a building materials outlet if you want a brand name. I'm way far north of you.

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What do you want to do then? report it to the landlord I guess.

How much wind can pine trees take say a hurrican ...

How much wind your pine tree will be able to withstand depends upon a number of things such as, how tall it is, and how much crown it has; how exposed it is (is it a single tree out in the open, or is it sheltered by other trees or buildings); and probably most important, is how soft the ground is ...

How to get pine sap out of clothing?

Turpentine or mineral spirits should get the pine sap out. Then you can wash out the residue.