what will interchange with a 92 jeep wrangler?

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Answered: Young single mom in need of cheep body parts for a ...

You can try a local junkyard. They will have inexpensive body parts for your vehicle. boom trucks

Answered: 1991 jeep wrangler air conditioning system

Trusted Technicians or Professionals can answer those questions of yours, they know what's best for your air conditioning unit and yet will give such guaranteed services.

Answered: Jeep Wrangler stuck lug

If you got a hi-lift (or a piece of spare pipe layin around) use the pipe, slip it over the breaker bar and give it a good push. Worked for me time and time again. A lever long enough can move the world, then anti-seize it up and put the lugs back on.

Answered: No power jeep

Check the possibility for a custom chip for the engine management.

Answered: Where is the ac drain tube on 95 jeep wrangler?

seems to be behind the right front tire. careucar

Answered: My alternater in my 1992 jeep wrangler is over charging the battery.

I suppose you current alternator is built for a battery with bigger capacity. I suppose you need another 1992 jeep wrangler alternator
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How much is my jeep wrangler worth without an ...

i would go with $3000 the oldest one i could find with still a running engine was a 1992 and was close to $6000 so i think for a 1990 with no engine $3000 should be a fair price

How to insulate a hard top on a 2001 jeep wrangler?

I have never thought of doing that. That is a very good question. I have been looking into insulation is houston tx. I wonder if they could do cars? http://www.gosmartfoam.net

How to find my production # for my 05 Rubicon "Sahara Movie" Jeep?

I hate to burst your bubble, but I work for chrysler and there is no 1-1000 of these wrangler sahara rubicon special edition movie jeeps, its either a sahara with rubicon badging or vice versa, the only limited edition wrangler rubicon in existance is the tomb raider Lara Croft edition, I am truly ...

What is a j4 jeep worth?

Year of manufacture? Miles? Major wrecks? Water/flood damage? Engine/transmission ever overhauled? How many owners?