What will happen if you don't put chemicals in a pool for several months?

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Answered: Nobis Poole

Go to www.nobisworks.com

Answered: Pool chemicals

You can try poolspaforum. They have lots of instructions for alternative pool chemicals. However, I would not rule out traditional pool chemicals . If you can find an online retailer who sells chemicals at a discounted price, you can actually save money with the traditional chemicals. Also, because ...

Answered: What really happened to me?

What.......what already bubbala????????? When.....Where.....How???? Only you know!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered: Baquacilpoolchemicalswhat chemicals do i need to use weekly

The amount of pool chemicals that you need to add weekly depends on the concentration of certain factors in your water. You need to test your ph, alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine lever, stabilizer level, etc. and get them to the ideal chemical level .

Answered: Are spa pools unhealthy? Heat and chemicals?

The pool chemicals used in hot tubs, spas, and pools are safe for humans and animals when used in the proper doses. Make sure that the water is cleaned and sanitized with chlorine, algaecide, and balancing chemicals. A heated pool or spa will not hurt you when used in moderation. They are great for ...

Answered: Want to buy carpet cleaning chemical from eplo

You can visit http://www.bulkwholesale.com.au/ and buy all the carpet cleaning products and solution. Worth visiting it.
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What is the best chemical systeem for above ground pools

Traditional pool chemicals are the easiest method of sanitizing any pool. Chlorine, ph and alkalinity balancer, algaecide. You can find great pool chemicals on the site above.

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