what were the dates for rosh hashanah in the first century?

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Answered: Why do we blow shofar 100 times on rosh hashanah

Rabbi Frand of Baltimore gives the following explanation: Chaza"l say that the 100 Shofar blasts which we blow on Rosh Hashanna correspond to the 100 cries that Sisro's mother cried on the day of battle [Shoftim 5:28-30, based on Medrash]. Rav Schwab asked, what is the significance of ...

Answered: How do you obserb rosh hashanah?

Rosh HaShana is our new year. End of the dry hot summer, just B4 the rains (after 5-6 months) and the beginning of a new era of new "life" (blooming and providing corps)...... As it is in Israel...... Allways with hopes (and prays) that the comming year will be much better than the year that is ...

Answered: Do we get mail on rosh hashanah?

Rosh Hashanah is not a Post Office holiday, so you can receive mail. If your letter carrier is Jewish, you should have a substitute.

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