What were the causes and what were the consequences of the student radicalism of the 1960s?

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Answered: 1960's Doll with Dog

From your description, I would guess you're looking for a 'Liddle Kiddle' doll. Here are some web sites that might help (and be sure to look on eBay for further pictures to search through: Liddle Kiddle Images Liddle Kiddle Doll References Vintage Liddle Kiddles Liddle Kiddle Web Ring ...

Answered: What female sings bright sun shiny day in the 1960's/70's

I knew about Nash. The person I was looking for was Anne Murray. Thanks anyway
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Sorry. I was a TV fanatic in the '60s (and a huge Batman fan) and I don't remember it, nor have I found any mention of it anywhere. Are you sure you weren't enjoying something else that was popular in the '60s?

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The question of slavery and racial/cultural integration goes all the way back to the Tower of Babel with Nimrod using the concept of building a tower to heaven as a common goal for 'all' peoples. This gave him the ability to basically rule over 'all' peoples of every race and culture being in ...

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Who is the real RADICAL EXTREMIST?

Thank GOD for our forefathers. And GOD bless the NRA!