what were Athenas dislikes and likes?

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Answered: Describe a place you dont like

Xox, now it's beginning to sound as though you expect us to do your assignments. We're usually willing to help, but the key word there is "HELP." If you want advice, constructive criticism, copy editing help or suggestions; fine. But we're not going to write it for you. If that's not your ...

Answered: What is the dislike and like of cnc machinist

CNC Operators have the joy of coming to work each day, and working with their hands to create real tangible goods for a number of industries. Typically, any dislikes come from the rigors of a shop environment: the noise, the dust, and the strain of standing most of the day. For many who want to make ...

Answered: How do you Fix that someone doesn't like you?

You need to have someone in your life that does not like you. Don't fight it, nothing could be more natural. It's impossible to have 'all friends' and no enemies. Now if this person is a former friend and you value their time with you, then you could start out with a little chat. By the way ...

Answered: WHY … OBAMA dislike of Israel?

Low IQ government dependent far right extremist racist hate mongers shouldn't be allowed to vote. I think before you should be allowed to vote your IQ should be over 70 and you should have had a job at one time in your life .

Answered: Electric savings

hello, I think, there are lots of small thing that can help you to save energy.If we keep some little things in our mind then we will be able to save electricity .These are given below. 1:- Shut down bulb when it is not used. 2:- When you go out of room switch off lights and fans and other ...

Answered: What does atenolol look like

Atenolol is available with a prescription under the brand name Tenormin. Other brand or generic forms may also be available. Ask your pharmacist any questions you have about this medication, especially if it is new to you. It is in tablets format Tenormin 25 mg , 100 mg, 50 mg look like round, flat ...
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excessively polysyllabic Try John Mark

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Didn't care for it then, have Not chanced my mind,, Sweet G

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No parents in this world will hate there kids whatever the reason it be. They may get angry, stop talking to you but there love will never down for you.

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