what was trayvon doing in that community?

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Answered: What can I do to Reduce Crime in my Community?

Rocmike aka Punslinger why are all of your aliases posting on Mark Traina's questions. Looks like you are showing support for you alias Mark Traina.

Answered: Community nursing is indeed a filed not many ...

No question asked here. Yes, many fields of nursing are needed in order to get the entire job done. Community nursing is one. KUDOS to your cousin. Now, you need to become a nurse and fulfill one of the many highly needed positions that are available.

Answered: Retirement Communities for Members

There are various retirement communities that help the elderly. Other sites also offer tips in making wise decisions about the elderly's health and wealth.

Answered: An Open Letter To The Community:

I missed this until today. What can be the purpose of anonymous questions? My screen name is not my real name, altho I have no problem in signing my real name to answers. I have been around a long time myself. Not as long as OronD. I remember him fondly from when I just started on Yedda. It was ...

Answered: What is a "TRAYVON"?

Rocmike aka American Patriots aliases Mark N. Starla Traina, anonymous, Stanley and Billy Daniels only seem to have put in 6 hours of blogging today. I am betting it is not done yet. I knew it wasn't done yet. Rocmike has just came on with its Greg Wilson alias.Rocmike are you going to post for ...

Answered: What is the best community college?

There are many good community colleges. Which one is best for you depends on what you want to major in, and how far you are willing to travel. If you want to study nursing, not every community college offers courses.
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What percent of donations to wounded wariors go to help veterns

100% of your donation to Wounded Warriors goes to help veterans. Leftists all demand to persecute Veterans because only leftists are hard wired evil and sworn absolutely anti-American. Allow me to second that burn in hell for tadpole/PG Root. Hateful old leftist child molesting fools belong on ...

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You can visit this website to check find the rankings of community colleges. www.collegeboard.com

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