what was trayvon doing in that community?

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Answered: What are the community initiatives ALJ has taken up till date?

Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel Group has taken up community initiatives like Global Poverty Alleviation, education and training through Education Jameel, health and social through Social Jameel and Job creation through its BRJ group. These initiatives were taken to provide people with jobs ...

Answered: Community nursing is indeed a filed not many ...

No question asked here. Yes, many fields of nursing are needed in order to get the entire job done. Community nursing is one. KUDOS to your cousin. Now, you need to become a nurse and fulfill one of the many highly needed positions that are available.

Answered: What can I do to Reduce Crime in my Community?

Rocmike aka Punslinger why are all of your aliases posting on Mark Traina's questions. Looks like you are showing support for you alias Mark Traina.

Answered: Retirement Communities for Members

There are various retirement communities that help the elderly. Other sites also offer tips in making wise decisions about the elderly's health and wealth.

Answered: An Open Letter To The Community:

I missed this until today. What can be the purpose of anonymous questions? My screen name is not my real name, altho I have no problem in signing my real name to answers. I have been around a long time myself. Not as long as OronD. I remember him fondly from when I just started on Yedda. It was ...

Answered: Yedda community

I think it's great that you think so :-) Please let me know if anything goes wrong: neta.silberg@yedda.com
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Please Help! Money!

Earn it by honest labor.

I have heard of BRJ. Does it really help?

Yes, Bab Rizq Jameel foundation set up by the Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel Group, was set up with the aim to support men and women in KSA to look for jobs and also get career conselling. It also helps budding entrepreneurs with interest free loans if required. http://www.alj.com/

Have you heard about the tallest flagpole? Need information

The 165 meter (541 foot) flagpole in Dushanbe, Tajikistan was the tallest when completed in 2011. It is now the second tallest, since the completion of the flagpole in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in September 2014.

How does BRJ hope to create more jobs in 2014?

Do you mean this BRJ? More than 37,558 job opportunities were provided by Bab Rizq Jameel (BRJ) to Saudi youth during the first half of 2014, highlighting the success of the program’s efforts.