what was the total cost of president Bush's vacations while in office?

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Answered: What would you like to ask former president George W. Bush?

My first question is why we couldn't get Obama impeached for his hand in the Fast and Furious debacle. Any way you look at it, that is treason. Obamacare forces us to abandon our family health care providers, buy government insurance that covers absolutely nothing, and watch our families die from ...

Answered: Bush After the White House

I realize that leftists are petty, vindictive, and bitter, which shows why their delusions don't matter any more than they don't. Bush gave us eight great years and ingrate Democrats just don't realize that they should cease their bitter games for their own sake.

Answered: Jeb Bush's Political Future

Miss Me Yet! Miss Me Yet! You Bet!! Anything is better than this America Hater We have in office now! He is a real jerk!!!

Answered: History will reveal?

Susan, Your points about History are right on...but there are so many truths that never seem to come out. Like the ones you mentioned......and also the ones about slavery in the beginning... I am so tired of being blamed for slavery just because I am white. ..Who do the blacks think sold their ...

Answered: Now that President Bush is leaving office, do you ...

History will record that President Bush served brilliantly in the toughest office on earth. Quarrelsome Democrats still call him a dictator and claim falsely that anyone who supported him is a moron that deserves to be shot on sight. History and the Democrat Party will never agree. Regardless ...

Answered: Why did george w bush wanted to be the president united states

Bush did such a poor job ,it lead the way for a cocaine drop-out flunky racist ,to proceed him.Now look at the trouble we are in ...Lets all blame President Bush for letting the Boy king obama in.
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President's Bush's Cabinet Appointments

Thanks for your answer.

President's Bush's Cabinet Appointments

Well I agree with you...I just feel that his spot in the pecking order was play ball or get out...He listened to what he was told and played ball..so I guess if I hold him to the same criteria I do as Rummy he was not doing his job..I can not do that tho because I feel more like he was not ALLOWED ...

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You mean besides the aggravation?

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I can say one thing my charge was misprison of a felony (answer that) i worked as a volunteer, 2 jobs,got on board of directors ,helped the community for years, i had nothing when i moved to nebraska,just my kids and work my butt off to give them a good honest life ,i maried to young and abusaed 16 ...