What was the ring lea black was wearing on the miami reunion housewives show?

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Answered: Family reunion

Oh For Crying Out Loud! How can we know the answer to this? Ask Your family members!!!

Answered: Rings

I think all ring have its bill and also carved a no on inner side of ring. From this you can measure ring's authentication and all details. Or you can get it from the touch of Ireland.

Answered: Do I have to wear my engagement ring and wedding band on the same

Not if you're a man. Only women wear engagement rings, you moron.

Answered: How Many Rings Should A Man Wear? http://www.theweddingbandco.com

Four. One on each pinkie, one on his right thumb and one on the middle finger of his left hand. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. No charge for the spam.

Answered: What do i need to consider when choosing a ring for a man?

You should ask him. Men can be real funny about wearing jewelry, You need to know what he prefers, gold, silver, with a stone, plain, etc. I realize you're probably wanting it to be a surprise gift, but you don't want to get him something he doesn't want to wear. Like me, say a woman got me a ...
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What is an Eternity Ring? Is it also a wedding ring?

No not yet...!!! The Irish Claddagh ring is well known as a Wedding as well as the engagement ring...!!! You can buy from the shop named "The touch of Ireland".

Ring wraps an guards looking for a way to stop ...

jewelers sell ring guards for this purpose

Meaning of wedding ring on wedding?

Wedding ring is nothing but a strong relationship between bride and groom. It is only the gift that was given to each other. You can buy it in pair from the touch of ireland shop...!!!