What was the ring lea black was wearing on the miami reunion housewives show?

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Rocmike is now posting under his alias harley s. Another name that goes to his facebook profile page.-----------------Rocmike claims he's dead but judging by the sad lonely pathetic life he has he only wishes he was dead. How can anyone do nothing but post every hour of every day? Yesterday i put ...

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Oh For Crying Out Loud! How can we know the answer to this? Ask Your family members!!!

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I think all ring have its bill and also carved a no on inner side of ring. From this you can measure ring's authentication and all details. Or you can get it from the touch of Ireland.

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You should ask him. Men can be real funny about wearing jewelry, You need to know what he prefers, gold, silver, with a stone, plain, etc. I realize you're probably wanting it to be a surprise gift, but you don't want to get him something he doesn't want to wear. Like me, say a woman got me a ...

Answered: Do I have to wear my engagement ring and wedding band on the same

Not if you're a man. Only women wear engagement rings, you moron.
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