what was the gas prices in ny 4 yrs ago?

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Answered: Gas prices need to come down

I hope gas price for every vehicle goes down to 0 :)

Answered: Can gas stations legally charge $2.00 more a gallon to use your credit

According to the law here, they can't charge a higher price for using credit, but they can give a discount for cash.

Answered: What's the lowest gas price you've seen?

Well in Queens New York it was $4.00 gal..but the Dow Jones was up 56+points.. Sweet G

Answered: What are the best UK websites for finding out the best electricity and

Check out these two sites. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/gas-and-electricity-tools http://www.theenergyshop.com/getHomePage.do;jsessionid=87DC1B7B6FC76EC4B258ACC7988CCF3B

Answered: What is the gas price at your store

Gas prices in the Queens NY area 11356 Regular $2.82 cheapest

Answered: Gas prices

Oil tipped to bubble over $100 barrel...
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