what was the crow doing on the telephone wire?

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Answered: What is the telephone number for 518 information?

518-555-1212 is Directory Assistance for area code 518 (somewhere in northeast New York, including Albany and Plattsburgh).

Answered: Telephone fraud

Bettye, contact your telephone service provider and tell them what's happening. Then, since you state that the calls have become threatening, contact your local police department and tell them about it. Be prepared to tell them the date and time of any calls, as well as the content of any ...

Answered: Ss wire mesh

how to buy high quality stainless steel wire mesh

Answered: Domestic telephone wiring

Use rg11 splitter. Cable use in domestic telephone is called rg11. From the splitter you can connect several telephone lines within the location.

Answered: Card clothing steel wire

carding wire? where you can buy? we bought from Nantong Jinrui Metal Products Co.,Ltd, round, biconvex,triangular,flat, brightness, Zn coated, nickel coated type, website: www.jinruimetals.com email: jinruimetals@163.com

Answered: Can you get electrocuted from a telephone wire?

It is unusual for anyone to be electrocuted from a telephone wire. It has happened when lines were struck by lightning. Normal telephone voltage is 48 volts. Ringing voltage might be as high as 90 volts. But normally your body presents a resistance over 1000 ohms, so maximum current is small.
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