what was the coldest temperature in Des Moines, Iowa in December recorded?

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Answered: Free Iowa Criminal Court Records


Answered: Hospitals in and around Des Moines Iowa any 800 numbers

You could try an 800-number directory and find it that way. I googled it for you and found a site that says you can search the list by type of business, so maybe that would work? http://inter800.com/

Answered: Is amerione in Des Moines, Iowa legit?

sorry don't know the answer

Answered: Can you get blue clay around des moines iowa for horseshoe pits

Adel, Ia brickyard sells it. This is where the Iowa State Fair got it for their horseshoe pits! BJnAZ

Answered: Free Iowa criminal court records

It depends on what your job description will be. Iowa criminal institutions look for bank fraud, embezzlement, garnishments... It depends on how severe your records is and what it is for. You'd be surprised how many employer background checks don't go beyond the state lines.
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I get mine at our local feed & seed store. Any place that sells livestock supplies should have it.

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The Hotel Commodore Property was purchased by the neighboring University of Osteopathic Medicine and demolished in 1979 to build a new academic center building. (They also demolished the old St. Joseph's Catholic High School for girls that was next door to the hotel.) By the way The building in the ...

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