what was secretariats stud fee?

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Answered: Colorado restocking fee laws

ALL businesses have the right to charge fees for this sort of thing. It is only reasonable.

Answered: Looking for a vinatage secretariat poster from the early 70's. I believe

Somebody named front.lobo is offering one on eBay. The "buy it now" price is listed at $9.93, plus $5 and change for expedited shipping. If you're interested, check it out!

Answered: I pay $40 a month for Aol. I can get e-mial service elsewhere for $0

You can get AOL for free. Why would you pay $40 for it? PT Barnum was right.

Answered: Can a retailer charge the customer the credit card fees?

They can require a minimum for a purchase for regular credit cards, but they CANNOT require a minimum for a debit card/check cashing card. The only institutions that can charge a fee are Utilities, Education and Government. Don't put up with this. If they try to charge you a fee to purchase with ...

Answered: What does a Secretariat service do?? i received a ...

Contact this company to see if they are the ones that sent you the check and what for: NeuStar, Inc. Corporate Headquarters 46000 Center Oak Plaza Sterling, VA 20166 +1-571-434-5400 Founded to meet the new technical and operational challenges of the communications industry when the U.S ...
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Stud Service

Post the classified ad for starting the stud services at http://www.horsefree.com and from there you can get the client or visitor to your stud.

AT&T Double Fees: Justified?

Yes Justified as a group using OPEC they shriek prices for oil and gas.

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hi...yes u can take up more than one courses...but i dont see a reason why you should do that...more number of software doesnt mean more salary...its how deep you know 1 particular software is what matters check out www.krzypixel.in for details on courses and fees are as follows All career ...

What does fee rebate mean

Are you talking about free rebate. If so you will get money back after you purchase an item with a rebate attached to it. It will be a mail in rebate most of the time.