what was Polly Holliday mistake?

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Answered: What do i as a customer say to a company for a payment mistake

Tell them you are sorry and it will not happen again. Then correct the payment for what you owe.

Answered: Why jute bags is better than polly bags?

I think that Jute Bags are better than Polly Bags as they are eco-friendly since Jute is a Bio-Degradable material. Nowadays, Jute Bags can be used as a Shopping Bag and such bags are also purchasable at reasonable prices.

Answered: Who is Frances Holliday Alford?

Frances Holliday Alford has a lifetime love for art and found her medium when she discovered art quilting. A scavenger at heart, she ?nds unusual items and uses them in unconventional ways. She has a background as an educator and a strong interest in philanthropy. Frances was a United States ...

Answered: Happy Hollidays or Merry Christmas ? Which do you say ?

You are more than welcome my friend. You made my day too. Christmas is a celebration of Christ. I get irratated with the pple that take Christ out of it. What ever happened to history is this country? Happy Birthday to Jesus too and thank you for dying for out sins. AMEN.

Answered: Scorekeepers mistake in adding runs lost the game for the real softball

The rules of Softball state that the scorekeeper must be given an atomic wedgie and hung from the nearest flag pole.

Answered: The DMV made a mistake in suspending someone's ...

i have a 'friend' that seems to get into these types of jams all the time. You can sue anyone you like ,the problem here is proving you didn't get the notice or notices they sent out. They know not every piece of mail gets delivered,that's why they'll send two or more. Now if you have someone who ...
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