What was Kathryn's patriotic album?

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Answered: I have some old original Elton John albums for sale. Are you interesred

i am sorry but i wish i could. i really like the john and his music.

Answered: Where can a new Church Historian Album be purchased for keeping pictures

I would try www.amazon.com unless you have a Christian Book store nearby. If you do, then ask for their help and they will probably order it from amazon for you.

Answered: How do I send a FB photo album to another FB friend

The only way I know is to click on the album you want to send to someone...and at the bottom of the page...click on Share and it will ask you if you want to comment before you post the album to your profile...then the person you want to see it...can click on it...and right click on the pictures they ...

Answered: Lets celebrate American Patriotic songs for Forth of July

Chris Daughtry National Anthem montage (including David Cook and Archuleta)

Answered: Doesn't Obama's recent emphasis on patriotism sound like, "the lady doth

Two years later and "H"is patriotism is really shining through!

Answered: Christina's new album

Great as usually
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I don't thinl there is a way of cleaning it with out damaging the album. I think you need a new album what you should do in order to prevent this in the future is read some tips on proper storing of old photos. Just google "storing pictures" , "preserving old photos".

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go to picasa 3 download the picasa 3 and it will download all of your photos in one place and you can do all sorts of things with them download to a web page all kinds of things try this out

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Here is a link you may be interested in: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriot_act Check #4: Controversy

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Rated R with Rihanna or My world with Justin Bieber ;-)