what was francis henry galton's major contribution to forensic science?

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Answered: What is forensic psychology

It is a forensic scientist who take care of the process using advance gadgets. http://www.helik.in

Answered: Why dont school science labs need huge equipment?

Actually, they need it and get it. By schools, I presume that you include universities. UCLA has been one of the leaders in "big science" for 75 years, Princeton has a long and revered sciences department (Einstein was a Full Fellow) and much more. Indeed, we get our hands on the big toys ...

Answered: Korean and Filipino Hair

If you have the roots of the hair you can subject it to genetic analysis and there should be some variance in haplogroups................ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup

Answered: Can I still contribute to my 2007 401K

I don't think you can because that year is already over. But I'd double check with your employer's payroll department.

Answered: Has anyone ever heard of Henri Lapointe watches?? Where are they on the

Henry LaPointe watches are a private label watch sold by Little Switzerland jewelry stores, throughout the Caribbean
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Forensic methods that can be done at home for fun

Here is a short article of experiments you can try at home. You can always buy a "kids forensic kit" which are available on the net.


Steve Collins, let us gain a bit more correct understanding of mass as it relates to physics. First, let us not re-invent the wheel. If you will tell me your highest level of academic study in particle physics, it will be much easier to get you going in the proper direction. Second, please ...


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