what was edwin hubble's contribution to science?

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Answered: I need some good pics of Pluto from the Hubble,if you find some good pics

Here are the best two I was able to find.

Answered: How did Edwin Hubble prove that M31 (the ...

M31 was documented already 964 by al-Sufi. Robert found 1887 the spiral structure of M31. Slipher found 1912 the radial velocity of M31. Curties found 1917 the Doppler effect of M31. Since that time the discussion about a separated galaxy was settled but the distance still was estimated. Hubble ...

Answered: What is the "Hubble Law", and how can it be ...

Let us take space as a nonzero massive field: in one regard it has a positive scalar curvature (deSitter Space) at another "angle of incidence" it has a negative scalar curvature (Anti-deSitter space) and as the nonvectorial sum, we find a third, non-curved variety of space called Minkowski Space ...

Answered: What kind of job should i seek with a Bachelors of Science in Biology

You should have thought about that when you decided on a major. Your college should have recruiters calling. Maybe you can get a job at a biotech company or a drug company.

Answered: Can I still contribute to my 2007 401K

I don't think you can because that year is already over. But I'd double check with your employer's payroll department.

Answered: A very interesting science article!

Another long day and night of the leftist Muslim Atheist poster repeating the same crap over and over under its many aliases. What an exciting life he has.
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Steve Collins, let us gain a bit more correct understanding of mass as it relates to physics. First, let us not re-invent the wheel. If you will tell me your highest level of academic study in particle physics, it will be much easier to get you going in the proper direction. Second, please ...


manishverma2 , like Gene Smolin wrote (with out the adding of divine gods and all that), the Big Bang theory is the Theory that explains the beginning of time, about 14 billion years ago when out of a very dense (probbly) ball the universe came to be. this is a very read - http://en.wikipedia.org ...