What was daily life like during the time of thomas jefferson?

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Alcohol and drugs provice immmediate relief Send your death certificate to the IRS Win the MegaMillions lottery Divorce your cheating wife Vote Republican in the next election

Answered: How Did Jefferson Know?

Jefferson was a genius. We sure could use him today!

Answered: What was the daily life of the qin dynasty in china

Check out http://china.mrdonn.org/tang.html.

Answered: Why We Need A Jefferson Today ?

Too much emphasis on the founding fathers is silly. It reminds me of The Planet of the Apes wherein the "gorillas" had their written documents (Bible and Constitution?) and sought to maintain their power over the scientific intelligensia - the chimpanzees. The Constitution is a great document, but ...

Answered: I use the bathroom ~19 times a day (which includes ...

It seems you've been checked out rather well; so I'll just say did anyone ask you how much caffeine you take in a day? That is a diuretic and will cause frequent trips as you have.

Answered: Life insurance

You just try to contact the life insurance agent to whom your wife was taken that insurance plan. If you are not getting the proper information then you just collect all the documents of your wife and then get all information from insurance company from where your wife is taken that insurance policy ...
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