what type of policy is the government undertaking when they raise taxes an dor reduce federal expidentures?

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Answered: Do you have to file federal income tax if your only income is social

no if you fall under these guidelines $25,000 for single, head of household, or qualifying widow/widower with a dependent child $25,000 for married individuals filing separately who did not live with their spouses at any time during the year $32,000 for married couples filing jointly

Answered: Can I deduct real estate taxes on a second home on my federal taxes?

If your good looking enough these days you can deduct anyone you want!

Answered: I filed my 2010 Federal Income tax last year, but ...

You don't need to know your federal refund - it doesn't go on the return. You may be able to find your state refund on your state's income tax dept website. You are looking for Form 1099G. NYS no longer mails them, but you can pull it up online.

Answered: Can they raise the tax on my lease payment

Apparently not. See below . . . Class Action Lawsuit Against DirecTV Regarding "Leased Receiver" Fees Allowed to Proceed Court denies DirecTV's Motion to Compel Arbitration thereby allowing putative class action that alleges DirecTV improperly assessed "Leased Receiver" fees and collected ...
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What happens when you raise Taxes on one Group and NOT another? Class

Well, we didn't get the Clinton tax rates. All we got was a top bracket increase at $400,000, capital gains tax up to 20% for the rich. And they left the estate tax where it was at $5 million exemption, and fixed the AMT so it doesn't hit the middle class. And the Social Security tax went from 4.2 ...

What does it mean to say a federal income tax cut ...

Here's the deal... the last "permanent" tax schedule was set when Bill Clinton was president. Under Bush a temporary tax schedule was put into effect and renewed, when the renewal expires it reverts back to the permanent schedule. When this is signed in will be known as the Obama tax schedule ...