what two demands did Austria- hungary make on Serbia?

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Answered: Is Schönbrunn Palace worth visiting in Austria?

The Schönbrunn Palace is one of Vienna's most popular attractions. In addition to the luxurious and stately palace, you will have a chance to explore the Schönbrunn's beautiful Park/Garden, which is filled with lush planting, interesting sculptures, numerous fountains and the impressive Gloriette ...

Answered: Besides Novak Djokovic, what other famous athletes are from Serbia?

Twin I just did a very heavy search of this, The Country has changed boarders so many times, and has had many good people from it, I still was not able to find one in "Sports", as a Serb.. This was what I did find. {1}Ethiopia – Debele Hailu {2 }Radnicki from Kragujevac ...

Answered: I hold SAR Passport and I came from Hong Kong. I want to travel to

This web site lists Serbian Diplomatic and Consular Missions. Contact the closest one to where you live, and ask them to help you. http://www.serbia-tourism.org/srpski/info2/main.php?naziv=Tourist%20information&dat=info_e&poc=dip. Also look at this web site from the Serbian government to see what is ...

Answered: do i pay some sort of car duty when i drive through serbia?

A valid international driver’s license is required to drive legally in Serbia. If taking a car, the vehicle registration/ownership documents and a locally valid insurance policy must be available at all times. The European green card vehicle insurance is now valid in Serbia, but not in Kosovo ...

Answered: My hungarian boyfriend wants me to go to Hungary ...

Since you don't mention what passport you will be traveling on, I can only refer you to this web page. http://traveldocs.com/hu/ . U.S. citizens do not need a visa for tourist or business travel to this country. Any U.S. citizen who wishes to travel to Hungary for any purpose other than tourism ...

Answered: ‘Determinants of demand include factors that determine the amount that

Hitendra, the old addage still remains: "What the market will bear."
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