What tubes would you need for CMP, CBC w/ diff, ESR, TSH, FT3, and HgbA1c? And how many of each?

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Answered: What is lab test "hgba1c for?

hgba1c is used to measure blood sugar; levels above 6.5% indicate diabetes.

Answered: Where to buy LED tube to retrofit supermarket?

Where to?It seems that you need to purchase large qualities of LED tubes and are looking for the preferably LED lighting manufacturer for a long time,perhaps you have surfed on google or amazon and ebay,as well as ailibaba or other B2B platform,but you haven't got the satisfied answer any more,that ...

Answered: Join Inner Tubes Anonymous! The only moron on ...

Typical leftist slackers should stop smoking ANYTHING that is harmful, including inner tubes.

Answered: My rocket science question, convert psi to lb/ft^3

The equation for airspeed is V = SQRT( 2 * P /Rho ) where V is velocity in meters per second P is pressure difference in newtons per square meter and Rho is density in kilograms per cubic meter. I suggest you convert psi to newtons per square meter and lbs(mass not force) to kg(mass not force ...

Answered: Is Tadpole STILL smoking inner tubes, or did she get stupid some other

What, besides smoking inner tubes, could explain the stupidity of leftists?

Answered: Do you have a covering for a feeding tube

You could wear a protector, but I just have underwear over my feeding tube, normally. :)
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