What tour de France stage is located in Provence?

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Answered: Which is the best tour operator for Egypt ?

Well, for me Tour HQ is the best tour operator to travel anywhere around the world. The company has some of the experienced and friendly Egypt tour guide who will accompany you during your trip and make traveling to this place quite easy for you. Also, their service charges are quite nominal as ...

Answered: 2009 Tour of France

The peleton is the huge pack of bike's that stay in a pack usually behind a small break away group of riders that have broken away from the said "peleton". As far as I know Echelon is just a type or brand of bike.

Answered: Dope Free Tour de France

They will just come up with a new one.Just like any sport.Where there's a will there's a way.

Answered: How many calories will a rider burn each day during the Tour de

Pros typically burn up to 5,000 calories during each stage

Answered: Tour de France

Alberto Contador wait sorry he has been striped.What some people won't do to win.

Answered: How many American sponsored teams in Tour de France?

BMC RACING TEAM BMC John Lelangue www.bmc-racing.com TEAM RADIOSHACK RSH Alain GALLOPIN www.livestrong.com/teamradioshack TEAM GARMIN-CERVELO GRM Bingen FERNANDEZ www.slipstreamsports.com HTC-HIGHROAD THR Allan PEIPER www.highroadsports.com Thats makes 4 HTC ...
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Tour De France - where to watch it from?

Do you mean on TV or actual spots along the route of the tour? If you mean on TV, Eurosport has a great daily coverage of the Tour (in English, of course) which includes a live coverage of a big part of daily stage (most of the stages covered, unless there is some other exceptional event in that ...

Riders Shot During Tour de France

Well this complicated since it is held in an open space and it is open to the public. I think maybe makung them wear vests can help? :)