what to wear to a ladies tea party?

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Answered: Has everyone mellowed except the Tea Party? Obama ...

The "God Damn America" Democrats haven't improved.

Answered: Is the Tea Party a conspiracy planted by the GOP ...

Leftist paranoids are always trying to claim that "They" are "Out to get them." Typical leftist paranoids are uniformly stupid and cowardly but that only proves that leftists are foolish and cowardly. Does anyone want to reduce themselves to such a disgusting low state as that occupied by ...

Answered: How do you rate the performance of the Tea Party?

They have a sick outlook about any government programs. while enjoying the same. equality is not in their plan they think it's socialism. To their credit they have exposed the republican congress as donkey's sitting on their ass unable to make a decision. What's next the Do nothing party!

Answered: How can I join a tea party group in fort walton beach, florida

To date, our racist Democrats use tombstones to do all their voting for them. That is how all Democrats are, all the time, and they are too reprobate to ever improve from their criminal ways. That's why Clinton (the rapist cross burner of Arkansas) was impeached in office and only racket bosses in ...

Answered: Who is on the Tea Party's 2012 Hit List?

So far, we have shown the fact that if it isn' t severely racist, Democrats will never support it. In that the Republicans have always opposed racism and Democrats have always supported racism (very aggressively) then expect absolutely no improvement in ANY Democrat for ANY reason. They approved ...
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Speaker helps build momentum from TEA Parties

Anything that moronic speaker spews our of her mouth propels the Tea Party lately! She is the embodiment of the concept of "no honor". Regarding your thought about a Tea Party/NRA Alliance, I would imagine that many in the Tea Party movement are also already in the NRA. I agree with you, though ...

Going to a bar mitzvah. It calls for

It means dress nice and don't be the putz who shows up in a T shirt and shorts.

America IS freedom. Here are the functional political parties.

The leftist, Muslim, Atheist poster is starting early today.

Which party loses in a shutdown?

It all depends on the amount that was fought over, and what it was for.. WHAT Programs would or could be cut..than we know who is to blame.. Sweet G