what to wear for casual 40th class reunion?

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Answered: Classes?

However, classes on Phobos and Titan are meeting according to schedule.

Answered: I was invited to a surprise 40th birthday party ...

Actually its totally depends on you,if you are not comfortable without regular dress,then regular dress is better for you.don't worry there have no mandatory what you wear.But you can try to wear 70's dress which gives you some comfortable like regular. http://birthdayplanet.net/

Answered: Rush lake 44 south dakota trying to find all the students that

i havent yet this was a old one room country school but i will try that thank you

Answered: Ventura High School class reunion of 1971?

Have you tried these web sites? http://www.classreport.org/ classmates.com

Answered: Family reunion

Oh For Crying Out Loud! How can we know the answer to this? Ask Your family members!!!
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Find high school reunion pictures

Try contacting the school to see if they have an old yearbook you can get photocopies of. Good luck!

Anson class of '61 reunion?

Have you checked to see if there is a page on Facebook that has information about your reunion? Also check classmate.com.

Looking for historical house for rent to have a 50th class reunion party

find one out in the woods not in town ... if you want to party and make noise and NOT get Noise Complaints from neighbors ... the cops will enforce the city noise ordinance if you party to late or too loud and you'll be in an on-going fight with your neighbors and with police visits! Consider up ...

Who carries Casual Express clothing

Yes Henry is right... Excel clothing online store has a good quality casual clothes.