what to use instead of ambien to sleep?

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Answered: Regular Ambien (Not Ambien CR)

Ambien is a drug that can be obtained without prescription and is to be used at most, for two weeks. http://www.vprdc.com/

Answered: Sleep eating??

I was on Ambien for a while it worked great until the morning I woke up (well rested) only to find a half eaten sandwhich next to me with no memory of making it! This was a real sanwhich, toasted bread ,turkey,tomato ,onion ,mayo and cheese...I had no memory of making it. Then I looked into it and ...

Answered: Is ambien safe to take during pregnancy?


Answered: Position for Sleep

What do you mean position of sleep you are referring to?

Answered: What can help when sleeping pills make you anxious instead?

Well the simple answer would be to avoid taking sleeping pills if they are making you anxious. Sleeping pills should be taken only when you are not able to sleep and suffering from chronic sleep disorders . Otherwise, try herbal remedies to get sleep, they relax your body and do not have nay kind of ...

Answered: Can ambien cause sleep walking?

yes very much and also sleep eating pls dont ever use it
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Is Guna Sleep aid a blood thinner? are there any sleep aids that are not

None of the benzos are blood thinners. Valerian is not a blood thinner. Melatonin is not a blood thinner. Ambien is not a blood thinner. War and Peace is not a blood thinner. Hard work is not a blood thinner.

How do I break my dependence on Ambien

Ambien (zolpidem tartrate) is indicated for the short-term treatment of insomnia. http://www.vprdc.com/

No sleep

Consult a sleep expert. May be you are a victim of Sleep Disorder .

Ambien keeps me awake

Have you consulted your doctor about this? Did your doctor give you this prescription? To some people, ambien may be not be effective. But I think you should consult our doctor about it.