what to serve with ina garten's baked shrimp scampi?

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Answered: When cooking and serving large shrimp whole, what parts can u then eat

You can pull the heads off easily, or you saute them easily with the heads off.

Answered: Shrimp

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Answered: Grilled Shrimp

Grilled shrimp is a great option. I season mine in a lemon pepper marinade that you normally use for chicken. I then put them on skewers for easier grilling. The cooking time is usually about 3 minutes per side, but you really need to cook until they are white and no longer fleshy and pink. We also ...

Answered: Wha kind of olive oil Ina.Garten Uses

Earth to Janie. Olive oil is like donuts. There are many people that make them, and the same donut will be different at different shops. Olive oil from different regions will have slightly different tastes. Cold first pressed extra virgin will have to most olive-like taste. Olive oil breaks down ...

Answered: I want to make a special dinner for my husband who loves seafood. I have

The recipe site you're thinking of is www.supercook.com . You can enter the ingredients you have on hand and it will search its base of recipe sites and make suggestions based upon the ingredients you've entered.

Answered: Hard to peel shrimp

You cooked the shrimp too long. You only need to cook the shrimp until it turns pink...2 minutes or less. I also add enough water to bottom of pan just to cover it and steam it this way. You can also add a little lemon juice for flavor. Good luck...
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How do you clean a whole shrimp?

pinch the head off and peel off the shell down to the last section then take a sharp knife and barely cut through the skin down the center of the back and remove the vein that runs down the back you can cut deeper if you prefer butterfly shrimp. enjoy

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Good point! It seems to be a bit better now (text box is back to normal, perhaps I'll try a video or graphic soon), but I'm thinking "vast improvement" is the way to go! See you around the threads!

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Thomas, you need to search for the Foodnetwork shows through Google. Just type in Ina's name or the name of her show in www.google.com and many sites will be presented to you. Start clicking on them and ask the network the name of the glasses and where you can purchase them. Or email Ina ...

Why does Ina Garten wear the same clothes?

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