what to serve with bierocks?

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Answered: Can someone be served papers in court/courthouse? Also, can anyone serve

Keep in mind that there may be some restrictions on who can serve, however. In California, the server must be over the age of 18 and not a party to the action. If you don't know the requirements in your area, please check with the court which retains jurisdiction of the action.

Answered: Serve the soup on the right

I found this video on You Tube. It's for restaurants but I think it's probably the same rules for a dinner party. It says you should serve from the side where the utensil is that the guest will use, so soup is served from the right because of the spoon. I hope you have fun!

Answered: Does anyone still serve beer in cardboard ...

Try in the local bars, though you would probably find it easier just to get regular paper cups.

Answered: How Can I serve Thee Lord, by Ernie Smith

What are your talents? What do love doing? Pray on it. It is easy to serve. Have people in your neighborhood, hungry or children without the things they need to go to school? In fact go to your local school and ask what you can do or give to help the children. Go to a shelter, volunteer your ...

Answered: I filed for divorce and served my spouse where she ...

If you have had your spouse served two or more times and she has not responded you can get your divorce on what is called a default. speak to your attorney about this. I had a similar situation when I was trying to divorce my now ex-husband and my aunt told me about it and I spoke with my attorney ...
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