what to put on tick bites?

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Answered: Recurring bump long after tick bite

I do not know the answer to this, however, I had a tick bite 6 years ago that "flares up" for lack of a better term a few times a year. It sounds like yours. Sometimes itchy, sometimes not. I can't explain it. But it seems like if it were something serious I would know by now- right??

Answered: Tick bite

If you have some rubbing alcohol, just put some on the tick and it will kill it and drop off. If you don't have any, just take som tweezers and grab the tick as close to the skin as you can, trying to get the head, and pull it off. I wouldn't worry about finding a tick on your dog. Just make sure ...

Answered: How do I tell the difference between a wood tick ...

Wood ticks are twice as big as deer ticks, and a little lighter in color. Either one can carry Lyme's disease.

Answered: What will a tick do if it is full of blood and put in a jar

I see that you boys are missing the point. Madam Z

Answered: 5 bite diet

One would need common sense.

Answered: After being bit by a tick, I developed a round red rash on my leg, but

Yes please see a doctor right away. You could get lime disease or rocky mountain spotted fever.
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I found a tick in very personal area of mine. How ...

If the tick bit you, you would have an area that is very red and irritated. I suggest that even if you can't seem to find an area like this, that you go to the doctor anyways. Ticks can carry Lyme's disease and it can be very dangerous. You do not want to take any chances.


He may enjoy the reaction he gets from you. Toddlers are notoriously self-centered; he doesn't realize it hurts and what's more, doesn't care. Other moms have posted about this question and solutions on Breastfeeding.com; you might check it out and see if any of the info is useful to you. I also ...

Dorment season for fleas and tick

They do not go dormant. Changes in temperature hot to cold, or cold to hot increase breeding activity.

Insect bites

Take a bar of soap, wet it, and coat the bites with a thick coating. Another remedy that helps is if you have sunburn lotion with aloe vera and/or lidocaine, that will help also. Last, if all else fails, and you have some vinegar around, soak a paper napkin or paper towel with that and use it as a ...