what to put on a burn from candle wax?

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Answered: What is the longest burning wax for making candles ...

Bee's wax, I believe, is the best. As far as the scents, if you look in your craft supply store, they should carry scents specifically made for candlemaking.

Answered: Why does candles drip wax?

you have to trim the wick before burning it again!, to 1/8 inch...you can get a wick trimmer at any candle store...this was my headache for yrs! the trimmer does it great, or use manicure scissors

Answered: How to Remove candle wax from carpet

First, wait for the wax to cool, then try to scrape off as much of the hardened drips as you can, using a dull knife. Then place a couple of white paper towels over the remaining wax and run a warm iron over the area. Repeat the process, using clean towels each time, until all the wax is gone. If ...

Answered: How or what kind of wax can be applied to soft ...

Use a 100% all natural soy wax...because it is all natural it has no hardners or perservatives, so does not flake off, it is a much softer wax.....

Answered: How do you get candle wax out of fabric.

You should also FIRST gently scrape off as much wax as you can (so there is as little as possible left to remove). Also, a better bet may be to use an old tea towel instead of paper toweling (depending on the type of paper towels you use/whether they are dyed) and be sure to use a lower heat setting ...

Answered: Candle burning for Love Spells

Because you should not burn intranquil candle and a sweeten candle at the same time, you are sending two different energies which will cancel each other, do the intranquil work first and then do the sweeten one
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How to light a candle with Natural fire?

As opposed to what? Unnatural fire. Use a match. I mean, fire is a pretty natural thing. No one makes artificial fire.

How can I remove wax from tea candles placed in jelly jars?

All you need to do is pop the jar in the freezer for about an hour and when you take it out, the wax will come right out.

How to clean melted wax off patio cooldeck A ...

To remove melted wax from a hard surface or furniture, simply apply an ice cube or ice pack to the wax to harden it. Gently scrape off as much wax as you can with a plastic credit card or other nonabrasive item such as a thin, dull butter knife or a smooth, plastic ruler. Some of the wax residue ...

What is the best way to melt down left over candle wax at home, using

The wax which goes in Scentsy warmers once cooled can be placed in the refrigerator and harden yet again if you wish. Www.BrendaTschida.Scentsy.US