what to feed mother pit bull after giving birth?

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Answered: Should I supplement my pit bull terrier's diet ...

Hey Grover, we have a 9 yr. old Pit Bull who we have had since he was 6 wks. old, and we have fed him since day one table scraps. He is healthy and very active and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact the only thing he has tried and doesn't care for is watermelon. He will eat his dry and canned ...

Answered: What should new mothers eat?

What can't you? If it's a healthy, well-balanced meal for an adult, it should be fine for a nursing mother. Sometimes overly spiced foods will cause a bit of gastronomic distress for both mother and baby (what she eats, baby eats), but even that won't do any actual harm. Use fresh ingredients ...

Answered: What Is Your Opinions On Pit Bull Dogs?

my son raises white red nose pits, i own 2 pups from 2 different litters. one is 2 yrs old and ther other is 7 months, the parents of these pups both love people and kids, the 2 i have are the same, they love everything, i live with 2, 6 yr. old boys and these dogs love them. where ever they ...

Answered: How do register my pit bull with out papers with u k c

you can not register with ukc unless the parents were ukc registered. however if you can email me at nicole.earthstoneinc@yahoo.com . i might be able to help you.

Answered: Are all pit bull owners this stupid?

The fact of that matter is if there is a Pit Bull walking down my street, and when children are anywhere outside playing, it would not get anywhere close to me or my family members. It WILL be shot. If it is not a stray, the owners should take better care. if it SI a stray, it's a threat. I won't ...

Answered: I have a 4 year old female pit bull that I need to ...

Have you tried obedience training or animal behavioral specialists? If not, won't you please start there? If you have, but you still can't make it work then are there any animal rescue groups in your area? If so, please call them until you find someone to help you and your dog. Good luck.
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Thornton, Denver, Lone tree, Louisville, Ft Lupton, Greeley, Castlerock, and aurora ): They can't talk, be there voice, they can't fight, be there hero www.carmelsangels.webs.com

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