what to do with the leftover grape pulp after making grape jelly?

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Answered: How do you grow grapes?

It should be planted in vineyards.

Answered: Where do I find a kit or instructions for making resin grapes?

Spread the grapes out to dry on a grassy area for 15 days. Remove stems and wash well under running water to remove any chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. Spread to dry again. Timing will depend on the weather and the grape. When the raisins are dry enough (taste), pack in glass jars or ...

Answered: How do i make pure cider jelly?

1 Pure Cider Jelly is made by the rapid evaporation of fresh sweet cider and is very difficult to make commercially because of the precise requirements of the pectin in the juice. But I will tell you how to make excellent Cider Jelly in your own kitchen, a true jelly that is clear and soft ...

Answered: How hard is it to make dandelion jelly?

Tree, here are 2, I Used the Blue Book for canning went I did put jams and jellys up.. Sweet G .............................................................. Dandelion Jelly Dandelion Jelly This is a wonderful jelly that has what reminds me of a light floral honey taste with a bit of lemon ...
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Propagateing mustang grapes

I obtained grape cuttings from real grape growers who gave me six or seven starts. They would only provide these to me in the Fall. I was to take them and plant them near a fence or other supporting device. A year has gone by and I see that my grape starts are rollicking everywhere, thank ...

White vs. Red Grapes?

there is more suger in the red grape than white. if you plant a grape vine you would want to buy one that is already matuer if you want to eat grape for a week go ahead it will clean your system out.

How to make cat gravy

Keep reading my mind and you just might have to build a bigger barn.

Growing Grapes

Not really sure, I believe some grape vines require both a male and female or something like that.