what to do with flat pepsi?

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Answered: Samsung flat TV online

You can try some online electronic stores: https://electricalgoods.ie/ http://electrocity.ie/ http://redmondelectric.ie/

Answered: Ingretient of pepsi and cola

The ceo,s might know, otherwise there locked in a safe.

Answered: Pepsi Machine

You might talk to these guys. They restore and sell old machines and such. http://www.barsandbooths.com/bandb50ssodamachines.htm

Answered: Advertisment logo for a small flat work concrete company

Show the work your company has done, particularly on steep grades, basements, stairs, and foundations. Anyone can do level flatwork. It takes professionals to do the unusual.

Answered: Is pepsi halal

Yes, Pepsi and all Coke products are kosher, and everything that is kosher is also halal. There is an OU on their products that means that it's kosher.

Answered: Pepsi caps

It was pepsistuff.com but now they have quit and yes it ticks me off cause I had 50 point I could have at least got a tee shirt for that. but if you go to thier website and download their PDF file they will give you $& dollars in coupons. I already cash in 50 and had 50 points when they said it's ...
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Coke is harder in taste than Pepsi. Even then i prefer Coke. Its' more available than pepsi.

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