what to do when you see injured sparrow?

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Answered: Care for injured dragon fly

I think this is a job for mother nature.

Answered: I have been injured in a rear end collision ...

It’s probably just a formality because it’s compulsory to have insurance right? So I guess it’s for checking whether you’re insured and are eligible for a claim! Car insurance companies have various formalities they have to handle when claims are filed.

Answered: Injured Spouse, where's my refund?

You better call and ask them if they actually processed your form. I turned my form in with my taxes and they said they never got it. I've waited two months already and now I'll have to wait an additional 8 weeks processing time for the new form I mailed today.

Answered: Can anyone help me find someone who can help an injured red tail hawk?

You could go online and search for wildlife animal rescuers in your local area. They are trained to care for specific wildlife birds and animals until they can be returned to nature. Also, if you could safely capture the hawk, you could take it to your local zoo (if you have one), or to a vet. Also ...

Answered: How was Pietro Annigoni injured?

He became all Pietro'd out climbing up a water tower ladder and fell off the fifth step up.
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Why are people scared of injured people?

Most people are not scared of injured people. They may be scared to try to help an injured person because they are not trained in first aid. They may not want to be involved with an injured person who may need to be taken to a hospital. They may not want to be around someone who is screaming ...

How was Isabel Sanford injured?

She was injured "moving on up".

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As far as i heard the over-all satisfaction rate for pinnacle healthcare is too good.

Injured on MTA escalator

This is America. Of course you can sue for medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. People do it all the time. Maybe you start by filing a claim against the MTA, and sue if they deny your claim. Whether you can win your lawsuit is another question. You might try to get a lawyer ...