what to do when homesick?

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Answered: What is homesickness during the Civil War?

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Answered: Homesick for great soup

Use google, a lot of recipes can be found there and food network also.

Answered: How can I help my 15 year old grandaughter with ...

I think that might work. The reason why it may work is because with all the other stuff, you are inadvertently feeding into the drama of it all (which of course, only makes it harder for her). By giving her permission to be homesick, you are acknowledging her right to feel that way - and by ...

Answered: Homesick and desperated student...

do what makes you happy, talk to your parents. you'll be happier in the long run.

Answered: Girlfriend out of contact for 2 months at sea?

Each of you should keep a diary during the period of your separation and then share the diaries when you get together. This way you boh will be thinking of each other during that period and enjoy reading afterwards.

Answered: How do you spell?

The most common spelling is Homeschool (One work).
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If your feeling alone then maybe it is best to move in with someone you like. At the moment you maybe put off staying with someone because you did not enjoy satying with your last flatmate.

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