what to do w/ gourds after thanksgiving?

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Answered: Do you know a good Thanksgiving quote or joke?

What did the spider email to the fly? Visit my Web site!

Answered: Where to sign up for Thanksgiving baskets for the poor in Rockford Il?

Do you wish to contribute or do you want to get your hands on one?

Answered: What is the history of thanksgiving?

The idea is to be grateful for what we have, and set aside a day to prove it. Not many of you people have been delivered from death, but I count many instances, not that I would beg for my life: surrender it when the time comes. I stand grateful that I live in America, have the freedom to believe ...

Answered: What are gourds?

A gourd is the fruit of a climbing or trailing plant related to a pumpkin, squash and cucumber. It has a hard rind so that when the fruit is hollowed out it becomes a utensil for holding liquids.

Answered: Thanksgiving Nightmares

i understand our new presedent recieved scorarships from our frendly oil (filthy rich )musl;em arabs.thinking they will get much in return.
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Shopping on Thanksgiving or Black Friday

I would say, wait for the Cyber Monday instead of Black Friday. Cyber Monday deals offer much better items with bigger discounts. More info: http://mycybermondaydeals.org/ - Cyber Monday 2011

What was said at the 1st thanksgiving event

"Man, I'm never hosting a dinner with these people again!"

What to wear for Thanksgiving dinner?

What you wear to Thanksgiving is completely up to your surroundings. To your family's dinner it might be nice to wear dress pants.

Does anyone have any Thanksgiving stories they would like to share?

Hi Will, Oh yes, that counts. It was a family tradition that my mother burnt the buns. After a while she started buying them and not having to bake them.