what to do if your teens swears at parent?

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Answered: Do you think teen parenting websites are really ...

This is my first time here,so how helpful is yet to be seen.I normally would talk to my Sister first then my Mom sometimes that leads to a tribunal (lol).I also talk with a close family friend who happens to be an educator.This is a solid format that hasn't failed in giving me the guidence that I ...

Answered: Opinion: Is it ok for a 43 y/o man (with a 15 y/o daughter) to date a 19

It is OK from the legal / moral point of view, and if you both feel well go on with that, BUT: 1. it is weird. You are more than double her age, much more matured and expirienced...... can't you find a nice lady, matured and expirienced as you are ? This 19 girl has to do what ...

Answered: Is swearing contagious?

I would have to ask, or observe the people around me. But I say, Hell no!

Answered: Help... sex and teens

You should tell him or her that is best not to have sex at such a young age because of the possible consequences emotional stress, teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases that they are not ready to handle emotional or financially and that you won't pay for anything resulting from being so ...
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Do you approve your teen daughter's date?

Well it would depend on what age my daughter is. I would have to meet the boy first and then I would decide. I know it's ultimately her decision who she dates, but if the kid was bad news I would put my foot down.

Help me tell my parents I'm bisexual?

Are you looking for parental permission to be bi-sexual? Maybe you need to wait until you are more comfortable making your own decisions and feeling good about them, before involving them.

What if my teen can't fall asleep at bedtime?

Allow her to set her own bedtime schedule. Forcing her into a schedule you think will work could just be causing more stress for her, resulting in more difficulty going to sleep. Even if she chooses to stay up late for awhile letting her pick when she goes to sleep, brushes her teeth, etc. as long ...

Do you approve your teen son's dates? Why or why not?

I plan on being involved in my son's dating life (when the time comes) as long as he lets me. I wont force anything on him (that never works) but I will be there to monitor and give my thoughts when necessary. As for letting anyone have fun at anothers expense, that is the crap we have to stop ...