What to do if your ipod wont jailbreak?

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Answered: Ipod won't turn on

Try connecting it back to itunes and do a reinstal and see it that works. If not- take it to the apple surgery and hope for the best!

Answered: Charging an ipod nano

That should mean you got a faulty charger. The best thing you can do is to find another ipod charger or bring it back to the shop for trouble shooting. Ipod Nano Generations

Answered: Ipod jailbreak

There are several jail breaking tools available for Apple Inc. products such as iPhone/iPad/iPod. But I want to suggest you best, fast and easy usable jail-breaking tool is Red sn0w. http://www.redsn0w-download.com/

Answered: I have music on my Ipod but it won't go to them to play.

A lot of people are experiencing this because they sync their ipods as a storage not with itunes. Save your songs into the itunes folder and sync your ipod there. Used + Refurbished iPods

Answered: Ipod help

I did the same thing theres no saving it buy a new one

Answered: Ipod

There are over 100 million iPods in the world and many of them are starting to fail. Droves of people are desperately looking for how to fix their iPods that they love www.softwaretodownloads.com/software.html
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Thank GOD that your education has not been more expensive. I am sorry for your loss.

Ipod video

I remember after I finished movie, iPod Touch will automaticlly ave the place when I watched, and I can continue to watch it in the next time.

Ipod touch 4th generation (delete audio book)I ...

books from the library from what I understand are only good for a couple of weeks and then they disappear. To remove something off your iPod then go to iTunes and delete your book.

What should i do when my ipod docks volume will not turn down

You can turn down the volume of your ipod. That will solve the problem hassle free. Used + Refurbished iPods