what to do if you overtread your ankle?

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Answered: After ankle arthrodesis can i drive a car ?

Beth's right.. it's similar to having a sprained ankle .. It's not suggested that you drive, especially if it's your right foot. Ask your doctor, or just to be safe, have your parents drive you around until you can get cleared to drive!

Answered: What causes swollen ankles?

Swollen ankles generally tend to come about when you over-extend, or stretch the connective tissue in the ankle. This can pretty much happen at any time. The best sprained ankle treatment is to get on a solid rehabilitation program, to help cut down on the swelling and start to repair you're ...

Answered: What causes feet and ankles to swell really bad

A blood clot in the leg can cause swelling. If only one leg is affected that might be a likely cause. A sprained ankle or a bad bruise can cause ankle and foot swelling, often with pain and discoloration. Kidney problems can cause water retention, which often shows up as swollen feet and ankles ...

Answered: Sprained ankle

Make sure that you attend physical therapy to regain strength, range of motion, and balance.

Answered: Ankle Pain

Generally, yes, a brace can cause pain. It's an external brace that the body isn't used to having wrapped around it. The best thing to do is start an ankle rehabilitation program, to help strengthen back up your ligaments, muscles and other connective tissue. This is help you get rid of the brace ...

Answered: Inflamation on outer ankles

Sandie, This is a very interesting question.. It makes me think a few specific things that may be aggravating your ankles, but it's hard to tell without seeing you in person. If you don't mind me asking, how is your weight? That could be contributing to the soreness, and it would help to alleviate ...
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Sprained my ankle 2 months ago. MRI yesterday showed avulsion fragment

Hi Sue, didn't the doctor explain at least part of it to you, when you got the MRI done? It's pretty strange that he wouldn't.. But regardless, here's a quick breakdown: "In contrast, chronic avulsion injuries are the result of repetitive microtrauma or overuse and usually occur during ...

Swollen ankles

Hi lilianaskoftebye, what specifically about swollen ankles are you asking about? There are a ton of effective things you can do to help cut down on swelling. One huge one is to ice, and then possibly also use heat.. Preferably in conjunction with each other. That will really help.

Ankle boots

You're best bet is to either search online, or go to one of those shoe stores at the mall. Ordering online would probably be cheaper, but you won't be able to try them on that way. Best of luck!

Ankle tingling

Sandy, I'd go to your doctor to find out what's going. Good luck!