what to do if you get maced?

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Answered: Can civilians buy police grade mace? I have had ...

A lot of Mace and Pepper Spray products are 10% OC (pepper). We sell an 18% OC pepper spray, as well as many other self defense products. You can find the 18% pepper spray here: http://www.izapmen.com/pepper-spray/wildfire-pepper-spray

Answered: If I can find mace to give to my wife, how can I ...

Thank you! I bought her the mace and I contacted the police department. They directed me to a gentleman who teaches self defense classes and I've got her signed up for the whole program. Thank you for your answers!

Answered: Do I need a Concealed Weapon License to carry mace ...

Here is the latest state restrictions for Pepper Spray and Mace products: http://www.izapmen.com/state-restrictions-pepper-spray-mace.html Hope this helps!

Answered: Where can i purchase mace in detroit? Thanks!

Be careful before buying because you would need to purchase a Michigan approved Mace or Pepper Spray. You can find these here: http://www.izapmen.com/Mace-non-lethal-self-defense-spray/michigan-approved-mace Also, if you have any questions about Mace / Pepper Spray state restrictions, you can find ...

Answered: What happened to Mace Michaels on CBS 2 weather?

KGAN's News Director, Scott Picken, chose not to offer Mace a new contract. That was posted by Mace on their Facebook account.
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