what to do if you are accused of stealing and didn't do it?

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Answered: What happen when you are arrested for stealing

depending on what state it is, how old you are, whether it is your first offense or not, and whether you seem sorry for it, the judge will rule accordingly. you could be given another chance, you could be assigned to community service or house arrest, or you could do jail time.

Answered: What do you do when someone steals narcotictics from you and is also Dr

If I knew someone was stealing narcotics, I would report it to the police. Whether they are using or selling it, it ought to stop.

Answered: Why does a 8 year old boy steal money

i think that he probably has not had the lesson about stealing engrained in him well enough. he wanted something and found a way to take it. you need, as a parent, to find a good way to teach him how stealing hurts others, a way that he'll remember and never want to steal again.

Answered: Why shouldn't i steal?

Do you have that issue? Its an addiction once done more than once... or as habit. Like any addiction it will give you temp high but then let you down again. Its often masking an underlying issue -- feeling out of control in your life, wanting something for nothing/feeling entitled (because youare ...

Answered: How to stop people from stealing no parking signs, on privet property and

Hi, You can report any incident to the police department. Or might as well not put signage that can be easily stolen. Specially if it is private property, you can sue for trespassing. For any real estate property concern you can check the internet for more answers. Hope this help.

Answered: I have been falsely accused of infidility

jkgrandmaw, even if I found the proof I dont know if he would believe me, He is a stubborn and "always right" as any south end of a donkey. I am soooooooooooo hurt.
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What if I am falsely accused of drinking on the job and prove with a

You can go court about this .firstly you hire a lawyer and tell him every point..

How do You keep a straight face in court?

Just think what will happen to you if the judge does not take kindly to it and gets you for contempt of court. Find a way buddy.

Punishment for stealing parent's car

Hello :) My name is Chris I am 17 years of age and I was actually just caught stealing my dad's truck, now before we gasp and go "BAD KID" I am an excellent driver and I Didn't even have a chance of crashing, since there were no other cars on the road, and I follow the laws when I drive. Now My ...

Teenager stealing

dear worried mom i know just how you feel i have 2 step children one is still liveing at home the other sounds just like your step son he is the worst person i have ever met i have tried abd tried to talk to his mom and it does no good maybe what you should do is try to set your husband down and ...