what to do if dog ate poison?

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Answered: My dog ate some chocolate

She didn't get that much chocolate from 1/4 cookie, probably less than 1/2 ounce. 1 ounce of semi-sweet (that's what McDonalds uses) would be mildly toxic for a 4 pound dog. Likely symptoms are hyperactivity, restlessness. But she may not need a vet. Vomiting or diarrhea is possible. Watch out ...

Answered: Dog'a Colored poop

The first thing that comes to mind is rat poison. I've heard that since the little blocks of poison are greenish, the first sign is colored poop. But then you have to take them to the vet asap to be able to save them, because if you wait for the bleeding symptom to start (it could take a week or ...

Answered: My favorite poison (meaning)

My favorite poison - pasta.

Answered: Where is my dog

Where is my dog Video, see comment

Answered: Bone cancer in dogs

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Help somethings wrong with my dog......

i would get your dog to an animal hospital right away. he might only have the night to be treate, if it is poison. good luck.

How to give a wolf hybrid dog a prescribed capsules that has to be

Swallowed hole?? I don't even want to know how that works. Sounds painful.

My dog ate rid x is she going to be alright

There are at least 5 Rid-X products. The contents are mainly enzymes and bacteria. Rid-X Septic System Treatment says it may cause irritation of nose and throat, possibly nausea and vomiting. It says if ingested, drink water to dilute and call a physician (for a dog, a veterinarian). The powder ...