what to do for inflamed trachea?

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Answered: Inflamation on outer ankles

Sandie, This is a very interesting question.. It makes me think a few specific things that may be aggravating your ankles, but it's hard to tell without seeing you in person. If you don't mind me asking, how is your weight? That could be contributing to the soreness, and it would help to alleviate ...

Answered: What is inflamation I have inflamation in both legs at the ankles on

Check with your doctor; you might have cellulitis and it must be taken care of with antibiotics. Don't let it go because you could end up in the hospital.

Answered: Inflamed, red itchy toes

Could it be chilblains. Occurs on toes and fingers if you get cold and then warm up quickly. Symptoms are inflamed, red, itchy toes. In severe cases you may get deep blister-looking sores, even though you know your shoes have not been rubbing. Should go away in a couple of weeks if you stay warm ...

Answered: Why is my dogs vagina inflamed

I am curious as to how this came to your attention.

Answered: Treatment options for chronic inflamed rhinoitis

When I submitted my question, I mispelled Noel's ailment. Maybe that is why I haven't received any feedback. It should be chronic inflamatory rhinitis (not - chronic inflamatory rhiontosus). This is a condition in her nasal cavity. I still do not have a treatment plan for her condition, our Vet did ...
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Im sorry I don't understand your question?

What does the Trachea divide into?

Read this page, it starts to talk about Trachea right under Anatomy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bronchus

How to rid the body of inflamation?

To get rid of inflammation you should eat a perfect diet.Do not eat such food that produce inflammation in your body.Following are some foods that help you getting rid of inflammation. Fermented Foods and Liquids like Dong Quai Broccoli Hemp oil Tart cherries Onions and Garlic

Dog with collapsed trachea

Hi Ron, I am so sorry to hear about your little baby. It's a horrible thing to watch your dog suffer. I wish that I had an answer for you. All I have is an article that I found online that talks a lot about this particular problem with dogs and what the treatment options are among other information ...