what to do for a congested guinea pig?

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Answered: My sister had to take her daughters guinea pig in ...

Most of the guinea pigs I have had never needed their teeth trimmed; however, one of them did. As a matter of fact, her teeth in the front needed to be trimmed and the teeth in the back were causing additional trouble (she had a dental disease). She could no longer eat and was getting thin. She had ...

Answered: Can mildew kill a guinea pig?!?!?!? PLZ HELP NEED TRUTH!!!

I'm so happy to hear that! Good luck and I hope that he gets better soon.

Answered: Guinea Pigs

I think if you put them with their back to the wall they'll manage but they'll probably get tired very fast.

Answered: Strange Guinea Pig Occurance

its not uncommon for that to happen. i have two female guinea pigs as well and over time the bigger one has obviously become more dominate. i started feeding them separately because the dominate one wasnt allowing the other one to eat. the smaller one used to be more out going too but now isnt. the ...

Answered: How do you know if your guinea pigs preganet

my guinea pig gave birth before then i noticed she was only wide at the bottom, i also noticed that her big blob had seperate movements from the rest of her body. for more info i'd recomend seeing a vet or cut and paste this link and http://en.allexperts.com/q/Guinea-Pigs-1574/tell-guinea-pig ...

Answered: Can I give my guinea pig a bath. Do they like water?

My guinea pig S'Mores is very clean and has never required a bath. I brush her and she just looooves it. She stretches out and "purrs." But if you feel your piggie needs a bath, here's a web site to check out. . .gives good step by step directions: http://jackiesguineapiggies.com ...
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