what to do about moisture in the basement?

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Answered: Basement hopper windows can they be made to open from the bottom??

Yes you can made to open from bottom Source: Keith Mountain

Answered: How to fix moisture in basement?

You can use humidifier in the basement; but it is a temporary solution...!!! As per my opinion you need to go for some basement experts who are able to do basement waterproofing...!! You can search it online or directly contact with the Matrix Basement...!!!

Answered: What is the best way to moisturize the skin? I ...

One of the ways to prevent dry skin is to use chemical-free skin care products. Research is showing that a buildup of chemicals on the skin from "regular" kinds of products can cause acne, dry skin and skin cancer. To find chemical-free products, read labels, research ingredients and read as many ...

Answered: Natural Moisturizers For Face and Neck

Honey, yoghurt and advocado are good. You can just blend them, in any way almost, if you want to add wheat germ to the yoghurt , that´s good also. Experiment to see what texture you like, be careful tho´you might end up eating it all! They moisturize splendidly,

Answered: What is the compartment in basement floor near ...

you say the house was built in the 40's then it may have not originally been oil but coal the compartment may in fact be a coal bin. they were usually located near the heating unit and at the time the coal funace was located near the now oil burner if you look around the basement probably near the ...

Answered: How to remove moisture from sliding patio door

Unfortunately, the solution is a new pane - once you lose the seal and moisture appears, it's new glass time (or live with the condensation).
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I have a Lime Stone Basement How do I replace it

You can use the wood decoration rather than the lime stone. For this you need to contact with the matrix basement.

Remodeling a basement

Yes, you need to remodel your basement during wiring as you have mentioned above. You can contact with the matrix basement for remodeling. You will not be disappointed, i also not.

Finishing basement support beams

After reading your question, I suggest that basement remodeling will help you to get rid out from the problem. The matrix basement will help you to find out the better solution...!!!

Basement smells like sulfur

May be due to acid rain and it's temporary...!!! But still problem is that why water came in the basement??? So as per my opinion you need to hire some basement waterproofing experts like the Matrix Basement System....!!!