what to dion and angelo nicosia after he got out of jail?

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Answered: What was a jail called in the western movies

hoosegow, of course, is a corruption of juzgado. "In the jug" also derives from juzgado.

Answered: What is the maximum jail time for not paying a ...

Somewhere along the line I've heard that there is no debtors prison. The concept was thrown out over 80 years ago. However, you want to research the PD's office in your area to find out exactly what the min to max time is. Once you have done the amount of time you are allotted you should not have ...

Answered: How to find someone in jail

Each state has an offender search site like this one: http://www.dc.state.fl.us/activeinmates/search.asp Just google for the state you are looking for.

Answered: What jail would you be put in if your crime was in trenton nj?

it depends on how bad the charge is.. it could be that countys jail if the sentance is under 364 days or if their awaiting trail..if its over 364 days then thats prison and they send different people to different prisons
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How long is a jail term?

It depends on what the judge decides. Usually the judge has a range for a particular offense, such as petty theft or drug possession; it might be 3 months to a year in county jail. Grand larceny might be 2 to 10 years in state prison. Rape and murder might be life sentences.


Hi chrchriso1. One difference that I know of.. is that up until the early 1990's you could smoke cigarettes and carry matches in Jail. That has changed.

What's your thoughts on another liberal crook ,going to jail?

Should of got the full 20....cry baby. He was stupid.

How long do you go to jail for shooting off a firearm in general?

It depends ,if nyou fired the gun and it wasnt used to injure someone.Then its usually charged as a misdomeaner for discharging a firearm.If this is your first conviction and you are not on probahation for prior crimes.Then you would not get any time in custody.