what time will congress vote today on unemployment extension bill?

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Answered: Unemployment

I think you can either apply for public assistance, OR-- apply for a job at a temporary agency.

Answered: Unemployment benefits extension

I sure hope so and also for the rest of the country. I think would be extremely helpful in temporarily resolving current woes of the proud hard working Americans who, by no fault of their own, are among the ranks of the jobless. Let's all rally around for our Hoosier friends and for the rest this ...

Answered: How many Republicans in Congress voted for the Health Care Law?

PPACA passed the Senate with 58 Democrats and 2 independents voting for, 39 Republicans against. It passed the House with 219 Democrats voting for, 34 Democrats and 178 Republicans voting against.

Answered: Have you voted straight Republican today? Make time!

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