what time is the nascar race on Sunday?

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Answered: Danica Patrick: IndyCar or NASCAR?

Danica would be a fool to leave racing and join the great chevroletrace,she has guts enough to run 250mph so why would she want restricror plates and run around like on a train track .Nascar needs to go back to 60s and 70s racing.

Answered: Nascar

try jimmiejohnson.com & go to his "bio". they have a pretty good outline of the races he won in his history of drivng. hope that helps.

Answered: In NASCAR racing how many different types of race tracks are there?

there are 1/2 mile.3/4 mile,1 mile.1.3 mile,1.5 mile,2 mile,2.5 mile and 2.66 mile ovals and tri-ovals.There are also road courses at Watkins Glen and Infineon.

Answered: What is the longest NASCAR race?

The longest race is the Coke 600 at Charlotte,Memorial Day weekend.600 miles
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Before the race?

If it was at Rockingham,yes one of the parachutists hit the side of a trailer and broke his leg.

Are there any tennis players that transformed into NASCAR drivers?

Not that I know of, but I am sure that there are some NASCAR drivers that play tennis as a hobby. I just don't know of any well known tennis players that have become NASCAR drivers.

How does someone become part of a NASCAR pit crew?

Well, I know of one young man who came down to Mooresville and just went from race shop to race shop and handed out resumes. He was a mechanic/fabricator and he landed a job on a Cup Team. Good Luck!

NASCAR, need for Speed or Greed? Think of the old drivers, one check from

NASCAR will make it payper view ! which was discused years ago ! NASCAR is no longer for us fans of years ago. They want the $$ from a new market which leaves us out in the cold. NASCAR as been pushing us out for several years now. I wish Dale Earnhart was still with us . He was the only one with ...