what time does yom kippur end 2013?

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Answered: Yom Kippur

Two people with a serious answer. Good job Harley Spirit and OronD.

Answered: If yom kippur is on Wednesday, September 23, can ...

Sure. If Yom Kippur is on Sept 23rd, that means it starts on the evening of September 22nd and ends on September 23rd at the sunset (actually requires 3 stars to appear..... or equivalent)....... After that you can do whatever you want !. Hey, provided it is legal........ :)

Answered: Is it illegal to drive on Yom Kippur?

You are wrong. It is forbidden to drive on Yom Kippur. You cannot drive freely at all. Concerning the arab villages, they can drive in their villages but not outside of them.

Answered: Which is holier, shabbat or yom kippur

I'm glad that Oron didn't miss this one!

Answered: Where in the bible does it state that Muslims will rule the world at

Shelia, I do know that the bible states that in the end times there will be a ONE WORLD RELIGION. Christians do not dispute this. What particular religion this will be is disputed by many. I will tell you that the muslims who study the Koran are taught that one day their religion will take over ...
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